Thursday, December 12, 2013

Is Our World Really This Stupid?

Jackson Destroys the Banks
A Satanic Banker Runs Away
President Andrew Jackson kicked the "international bankers" out of the United States around 1833 by shutting down the Second Bank of the United States. Subsequently, there was no central bank; only state banks. A decentralized banking system, in theory, should benefit savers and borrowers, which really means "the people".

That mode of banking lasted until around the "civil war". The common narrative about the United States Civil War is that it was a struggle about slavery, or about two regions with divergent cultural histories--the industrial north and the agricultural south. But another interpretation is it was another theater of "great game" politics and an attempt by the British to weaken and break up the United States to maintain their empire and to re-establish a US central-bank branch of the Bank of England.

During the time of the civil war the Union was in a strongly antagonistic relationship with Britain and France, but found common cause with Germany and Russia. In fact, the Russians, under Czar Alexander II, offered military aid at a crucial moment in the war and kept the British and French from providing aid to the confederacy.

The victorious north also had a victorious financial system. The constitution gives power to the congress to issue money, and Lincoln did that with the "Greenback". The Greenback is a very dangerous idea for the bankers all around the world--it's as dangerous as the Pythagoreans thought sqrt(2) is. If people realized all wealth comes from them, and that there's actually nothing in the bank, and in fact the financial sector is, at best, a parasite, and typically more like a predator, the con would be over.

During the civil war the Union found herself on the same side as the Russian Empire, and not so coincidentally on the same side financially. However, in the decades after the civil war, Wall Street helped finance the budding Empire of Japan, and encourage them in war against Russia, and also financed the communist revolution, and toppled the Tsar. These are really the key decades in American history--when any shred of the ideas and ideals of the founding disappeared. The assassination of Lincoln, then William McKinley brought in the counterrevolutionaries and turned the United States into something more British.

This really kooky condition continues today. The friction between "The United States" and Russia is essentially this same issue. Putin booted "western" companies from Russia's oil sector and jailed the operatives of the "western" financial sector. (At least that's how I interpret those events currently) Russia's not a total financial basket case like the Western countries.

So from that perspective, Putin and Lincoln, perhaps would have been brothers in arms, while the current set of rodentates in Washington/New York are aligned with the City of London.

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